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Good rule of thumb: if the book is older than your audience, it’s time to reconsider!

(B) Lateral correlation of the Appekunny and Grinnell formations (Mc Mechan, 1981; Whiple et al., 1984; Winston, 1990).

(A) General stratigraphic sequence of the Belt-Purcell Supergroup at Wateron-Glacier International Peace Park (based on Whipple et al., 1997).

Field observations of the Appekunny Formation combined with mineralogical information allowed revised correlations of stratigraphic members across the park.The competition was scheduled to begin in late September 2014 or early October 2014, although it did not start until January 2015.Ashanti Gold broke up Asante Kotoko's run of dominance with their first league title (They had previously won three under the name Goldfields).ABSTRACT: The redox state of the mid-Proterozoic oceans, lakes, and atmospheres is still debated, but it is vital for understanding the emergence and rise of macroscopic organisms and eukaryotes.The Appekunny Formation, Belt Supergroup, Montana, contains some of these early macrofossils dated between 1.47 Ga and 1.40 Ga and provides a well-preserved record of paleoenvironmental conditions.

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