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Then, get a haircut that brings out your best features.

If you feel good about the way you look, you’ll feel more confident whenever that first date happens (Before you go nuts in the comments section about how outward appearances shouldn’t be important, remind yourself that you wouldn’t show up for a job interview or a Con dressed inappropriately.

What knowledge do the kings and queens of geek dating want to impart to you? As Kissler said, people only put an idealized version of themselves forward online—you've got to get to the real thing. Go to someplace that promises guaranteed enjoyment for both of you. If the other person asks, then feel free to reveal more, but be engaging—don't lecture! Serrano said that it's important to save the big, grandiose plans for later on.

Kotler volunteered the perfect question: "I'd like to take you out to dinner. If the object of your desire isn't giving anything back, cut your losses and move on.

I’ve been a self-identified nerd since I was 16, but I didn’t always date within my identity. Unless you’re cosplaying every week, I wouldn’t base a relationship on it. This comes out in trivia contests, coffee shop conversations and comment sections. Comic books, LEGO sets and action figures all require a commitment of both financial resources and time.

Instead, look at this as an opportunity to show a side of yourself to this person and share it with them. In the end, I appreciate that we have our own interests.

Everyone on the panel confirmed that you can never be afraid of rejection.

Geeks are perfectionistas; they do research, very thorough ones before they even start asking questions.

To be a geek, you have to be obsessed with something to qualify.

Regardless of what geeks are obsessed with, you can’t deny that their level of loyalty exceeds beyond the extraordinary. Geeks love to solve problems; it gives them an adrenaline rush when they’re beating the final boss in their favorite video games or troubleshooting their operating system. And to add to point #1, when they get into it, they can obsess over a bug in the system that they spend hours on it without stopping for a break.

It can be really easy to start bickering over the validity of a modern day Sherlock Holmes, but don’t use your shared passions to compete with one another. As a result, many geeks don’t spend a lot of time or money improving themselves.

Instead, use it to grow closer, share experiences and discover new things. Go buy a nice pair of jeans and a top that isn’t from Threadless and walk confidently.

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