The almost complete 78 rpm dating guide

Record and pianola roll collectors cannot fail to have noticed the presence on the record labels of small stamps.This article aims to explain their original purpose, and the author's interest in them now.The idea behind this guide is to help collectors to get the best results from their precious 78rpm records.It is not exhaustive, neither is it highly technical.By 2002, I decided I had enough to launch a website.: Collecting 78 rpm records is great fun, and it’s easy to do.For instance, all studio albums by a performer could collectively be considered their discography.

Probably the cheapest option is a second-hand variable-speed Goldring-Lenco unit, one of the 'GL' series. They always benefit from some basic maintenance, which will include a new idler wheel.

Listening to the sounds of quartets from the long-distant past led me into searching for their original 78 rpm recordings, beginning in the late 1990s.

Being a typographic designer by profession, with a passionate interest in history, I soon began to appreciate the wide variety of designs to be found on 78 rpm record labels, and to broaden my collection to include them.

Discography is the study and cataloging of published sound recordings, often by specified artists or within identified musical genres.

The exact information included varies depending on the type and scope of the discography, but a discography entry for a specific recording will often list such details as the names of the artists involved, the time and place of the recording, the title of the piece performed, release dates, chart positions, and sales figures.

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