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The console with the highest percentage of female users is... Nintendo's family friendly console sees 11% of the traffic generated to You Porn coming from females.

They even note that this changes how they view content and what kind of content they look at, which is usually centered around more themed romance.

Maybe it's as involved as a weekend B&B trip, or maybe it's as simple as spending an afternoon playing tourist in your hometown—say, by checking out the new neighborhood sushi place or visiting a nearby historical site.

Still not as good as the "step into manhood feeling" you get when you get your porn from the curtain off "Adult" section of a mom n pop owned video store! Is this something that has been corrected or is there a workaround? bad move liked it or's considered a toy, that means alot of parents will panic and we'll see some soccer mom appearing on FOX trying to make a bigger deal out of it and try to ban the system or something...

.........until you get to the counter in front of a bunch of Soccer moms and the clerk yells out "Spank fest 14.....greasy granny girdles we just got that in".. Do it while playing a game and party chatting with 6 ppl Mr Magoo. This is by far the most divided and hateful communities online. I've tried clearing my cache before and it still was a temporary fix. tube site on ps3 = looks like dog crap, and is a five minute clip of something i don't want to see sugar = an actual app where i just watched fast times at ridgmont high parody in high quality (well..the whole thing..i COULD HAVE watched the whole thing there) call me crazy, but for a few bucks a month i'd rather have a choice of hundreds of real, full movies to watch instead of what looks like 2 pixels humping. this move will only bring trouble besides, if you really want to watch porn on it you can either use the browser or use a buy a DVD....

Xbox users came in second place with 39% of the traffic – this is down from last year where they accounted for 70% of the traffic at Pornhub – and Wii U owners bottomed out with only 10% of the total traffic.

It's interesting that they did a breakdown on the male to female usage ratio on You Porn through game consoles.

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