Play count not updating itunes 11

These scripts have been tested and used extensively, primarily with Windows 7 and i Tunes 10/11, but I provide no warranties or support.For your safety, I recommend trying these out on test data before applying them to important data to make sure they work properly for your versions of OS/software. Since I am so busy with several projects, I unfortunately do not have time to respond to questions or comments about these scripts, so please do contact me about this subject. -Kaleb This script allows you to change the play count for the SELECTED tracks in i Tunes.Last updated on March 24th, 2017 at am I lost the playcount in i Tunes for Windows for some of my tracks.Tonight I wanted to fix that without editing the file – that’s too extreme.I have a music app that plays short snippets of songs.

This was created by Tiketti, and thus does not carry the CC0 license that applies to the other scripts on this page. These allow you to copy & paste rating, play count, and last played date from one set of tracks to another set of tracks.

If I have a song A with play count of 10, then I play the song once (1 time) on my computer, 3 times on my i Pad, and 4 times with my i Phone; would the play count go to 18,next time I sync all my devices?

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However, there have been issues where users report that their play counts are inaccurate or they do not want see how many times they have heard a particular song.

In response, Apple has included a way for users to clear play counts or remove the play count column from the i Tunes display.

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