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After calling off her one-year relationship with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry is currently single.

This breakup with Orlando Bloom has gotten some Katy Perry fans wondering what the singer’s dating history looks like.

Matt Thiessen Perry went on to take another guitarist from the years 2003 to 3005.

Johnny Lewis During the year 2005, Katy started dating a very troubled actor named Johnny Lewis.

I don't like to set a time frame of new beginnings.

This is the thing: There's a lot of fainting, pulling out of the crowd, and crying. If I invested in it and sat there, and thought about the fact that a year ago I couldn't get 50 people to come and see us in Manchester, and now we're doing 4.5K people in Columbus, Ohio, it's, like, fucking bananas.Continuum, when it came out 10 years ago, was the biggest downloaded record on i Tunes ever. What was it like for you to watch the new Dead documentary, Long Strange Trip?There's a line where Donna Jean talks about how she joined the band.star is not dating Katy Perry, despite what some tabloids would like you to believe.The actor took to Twitter to relay his all-caps message to the nosy press — particularly, whichever outlet sent helicopters flying over his home in search of Perry.

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