Huge boob dating

[Read: How to tell if your girlfriend’s breasts aren’t real] #14 Perks.

She can get into any crowded club, get free drinks, and basically just have her way in life because she’s got her ta-tas for tickets.

You look like a hooker The initial thrill of new boobs means you spend much of your time in skin-tight lycra…

and look like a prostitute touting for business on Sunset Boulevard in 1991.

In fact, they can wear practically anything and look hot in it, since an ample bosom can make any girl look more feminine and proportionate. While t-shirts look great on your busty girlfriend, she looks even better in a tank top. Shirts and tanks are nothing compared to when your buxom lady wears a bikini. Her frowns will turn into laughs, and instantly, you have a go-to move to stop her from getting angry at you. If she spills her drink on herself, it just looks so damn sexy.

The tank hugs her body even more, giving her a curvier shape that you, and other onlookers, will appreciate for sure. Just looking at how the quid trickles down her cleavage and getting lost under her low neckline is enough to turn you on.

And it’s completely normal to be over-the-moon about having a busty girlfriend. [Read: Men love staring at a girl’s breasts] #10 Wardrobe malfunctions.

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Your boobs become public property It’s not just builders who’ll love talking about them. Your surgeon told you they were ‘teardrop’ and will look totally natural.

Boobs which have been bought seem to carry a ‘talk about me freely and to my face’ manual guide. Love, you’ve got 30cc of silicone in your chest – people know a fake pair of jugs when they see them.

because her tatas went commando while house hunting with Jay Z.

“They’re stupid pedophiles,” she said about the internet trolls.

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