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You knew Heather was in PRS but you hadn’t known about sharing it with two other people, let alone guys. You’d always been interested in the paranormal and, like anyone else who watches the show, Ryan. Come in.” You stepped past him and into a hallway with hardwood floors and classic white walls. “Thanks.” After standing there for a few moments you asked, “My room? Yeah, follow me.” He said, leading you up a flight of stairs to the right. He smiled slightly at you and walked back downstairs. “So much for not making a fool of myself.” You groaned. As you glanced at Ryan over her shoulder, you could see his eyes were on you, which you found odd. “How’ve you been, when did you get here, are you hungry? Especially when said new person appears right next to me.” “Oh…So why didn’t you blush when Serge walked in? You heard heavy footsteps coming, and the door opened to reveal none other than Ryan. He passed one door, opening the one in the middle, on the left. The one to the left is Heather’s, the right is Sergey’s. He held out a hand to help you up, and you gladly took it. You blushed slightly and said, “Only when I go down the stairs empty-handed.” “What? “Hm…” “W-Well, when I was younger, all this stuff would happen and my parents ignored it, and pretended I was crazy or schizophrenic or something.” You explained, “I never could get answers and now I have the chance to.” “We’ll talk later.” Ryan said as Heather’s voice drifted down the hall. ” She asked, her sentences running together in her excitement. “Haha very funny.” Heather said, punching him lightly. Your hand trembled slightly as you knocked on the door of your friend Heather’s town home. You were almost at the bottom when you slipped, the impact of your head hitting the wall and your body hitting the floor creating a thud that resonated up the stairs. The only thing she’d really told you was that you’d be sharing it with two other people, her friends Ryan Buell and Sergey Poberezhny. The walls were the same white as the rest of the room, the bed was next to a window, there was a desk in the corner next to a closet. Ryan came around the corner wide-eyed as you lay on the ground. ” She squealed when she saw you sitting on the counter. ” You squealed just as loudly, jumping off the counter and embracing her. Their investigation uncovers a connection to a mass murder and a demonic name.

He teaches Managing Service Operations in the MBA elective curriculum and in Executive Education programs at the School.Ryan buell is the founder of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS). V show called Paranormal state and is now filming the second sesion as we speak.Buell has been intrested in the paranormal sense he could read. Ryan buell is the founder of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS). V show called Paranormal state and is now filming the second sesion as we speak. 4) June 24, 1988 - Clark's 64th career MLB home run.He has also worked at Mc Kinsey & Company and General Motors.10 December 2007The PRS team travel to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, to help a woman and her son who are experiencing paranormal activity.

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